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GRAS Sound & Vibration offers a wide range of standard accessories in the form of cables, adapters, windscreens and tripods for use in measuring set-ups. These can be broadly split up under accessories for microphones, preamplifiers and outdoor microphones. Some are included with certain products, some are available as extras. All can be ordered individually. The brief descriptions given here as well as the link to the GRAS Sound & Vibration web site will help you to select what you need for your particular set-up. 

Feel free to contact ETMC Technologies if you need advice or further information.


GRAS Sound & Vibration also offers a wide range of special products and customised solutions. Their experience within the field of acoustics and vibration, combined with short development time, enable us to provide innovative solutions to complex measurement problems in close co-operation with the customer. 

For a technical discussion of your measurement requirements, please contact us (ETMC Technologies) or contact GRAS Sound & Vibration directly.  A 16 channel VXI Power Supply is an example of one of the special products available from GRAS Sound & Vibration. This Power supply was developed as a direct response to a specific customer need.  Other examples include some of the specialised microphone sets.


        we aim to have all information accurate and current, please be aware that 'correct' specifications/details are as per GRAS website 

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