G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration - Standard Microphone Sets

½" pre-polarised/CCP*

Type 146AE - ½" free field 'super' rugged!

Freq range: 3.15 Hz to 20 kHz

Dyn range: 17 dB(A) to 138 dB

Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa

Polarising Voltage: 0 V

Use: 'rugged' acoustic work, automotive

¼" pre-polarised/CCP*

Note:  apart from the Type 46BD-S1, all other GRAS ¼" CCP microphone sets come with a female microdot connector, cable not included.

⅛" pre-polarised/CCP*

½" externally polarised, LEMO*

¼" externally polarised, LEMO*

⅛" externally polarised, LEMO*

Type 46DP-1 - ⅛" pressure

(integrated connector)

Freq range: 6.5 Hz to 140 kHz

Dyn range: 46 dB(A) to 191 dB

Sensitivity: 0.7 mV/Pa

Polarising Voltage: 200 V

Use: impulse measurement



    1.  CCP = constant current power, these microphone sets require a constant current power supply to operate correctly


    2.  ½" CCP sets come with a BNC connector, ¼" and ⅛" CCP sets have a microdot connector (apart from Type 46BD-S1 which is SMB)


    3.  all ½" LEMO microphone sets come with an integral 7-pin 1B LEMO connector, a cable is not included


    4.  all ¼" and ⅛" LEMO microphone sets have a 5-pin LEMO connector on preamplifier (cables for 7-pin 1B LEMO available separately)


    5.  G.R.A.S. microphone sets (CCP and LEMO) do not include a cable, cables are available separately


    6.  Many G.R.A.S. microphone sets (CCP and LEMO) include (pressure) capsules that have front vented option and high temp. preamps

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