on-satellite radio modems (SDR), accurate time, and more

your trusted mission partner – enabling communication to/from space, control, time-frequency . . .


Syrlinks' mini satellite series address increasing demand for high data rate transmission and Telemetry, Tracking & Command for medium sized satellites

Reliable, efficient, with low power consumption – suitable for missions of up to 10 years in LEO


Ideally suited for NewSpace — S-band transceivers, X, L-band transmitters and GNSS receivers (GPS / GALILEO)

Syrlinks offers three levels of product assurance to satisfy customer needs – offering exceptional value by balancing reliability, price and lifetime in orbit

Reliable, efficient, with low power consumption – suitable for missions of up to 8 years in LEO


L-band transmitter

second generation L-Band transmitter for extended missions of up to 7.5 years at LEO

ESA Class 3 reliability, high performance transmitter

cube- and nano-satellites

Tailored for the ever-increasing demands of working in Cube and Nano Satellites. 

Syrlinks has applied its space know-how (use of COTS and associated qualifications) for micro satellite products to nano satellite platforms. 

Suitable for low orbit missions of up to 5 years.

400 Mbps X-band transmitter dedicated to Cube and Nano Satellites

N-XONOS also provides an optional S-band receiver


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about Syrlinks

Syrlinks designs, develops and manufactures radio-communication and radio-frequency products and systems for: space, defense, security and time-frequency.

Syrlinks manufactures robust, miniature and high performance products, relying on the synergy between its 4 areas of activities (Space, Defense, Security and Time-Frequency).

Offering very compact, high performance solutions to suit small to micro satellites

    •    SDR — software defined radio for on-satellite operations, reliable, robust and durable

    •    TTC — telemetry tracking can control, for all housekeeping and maintenance communications

    •    GNSS — guidance, navigation and control receiver for accurate navigation

    •    high precision clocks — when time matters!

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