NEW from GRAS - 1 and 4-channel CCP power supply with TEDS

TEDS support, single or quad channel power supply for CCP microphone sets

The GRAS 12BA is a single-channel, and the Type 12BB is a four-channel, USB-powered module  (power supply) with TEDS support for CCP (constant current power) microphone sets.

These power modules provide power to one or four CCP (otherwise known as IEPE) microphone sets without signal degradation, gain modification, or attenuation.

They are intended as simple and cost-effective interfaces between TEDS-enabled measurement microphones and analysers which will automatically extract TEDS data for seamless integration.   It can also be used with other analysers that do not offer automated interrogation, using a utility program to access the TEDS data using a PC. This program can be downloaded from the GRAS website.

Power for the 12BA and Type 12BB is provided through a USB cable using a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port and a USB-C port on the power module.

Multiple power modules can be used concurrently.

Click here for more details about the the new CCP power modules from GRAS.

NEW from GRAS - UTP: Ultra Thin Precision . . . 1mm thin microphones


FLAT - FAST - PRECISE                       The World's Thinnest Condenser Microphones!


Validation of CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) modelling is an important part of designing vehicles.  However, airflow and turbulence cannot be fully simulated and predicted realistically. For these reasons, high-quality measurements are a must.


GRAS has developed the new UTP microphones – Ultra Thin Precision microphones.

They combine all the advantages of the classical measurement microphone – wide frequency range, accuracy, and repeatability – with an ultra-small form factor, only 1 mm in height.

In essence, the UTP microphones are FLAT, FAST and PRECISE - ideal for measurements in boundary layers and turbulence.

Click here for more details about the the new UTP microphones from GRAS.

Haigh-Farr: ETMC Technologies appointed local partner

Appointment of ETMC Technologies as local business partner in Australia & New Zealand

ETMC Technologies is proud to announce that we have been appointed to be the local business partner for Haigh-Farr in Australia and New Zealand.

Haig-Farr is a US company that specialises in design, manufacture and supply of airborne antennas.  They have significant experience working with the aerospace, defence, industry sectors - supplying antennas used in terrestrial, flight, orbit, deep space and interplanetary missions.

Click here for more details about the capability that Haigh-Farr offers.

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