GRAS Sound & Vibration - Rugged Microphone Sets

½" rugged CCP*


    1.  5 year warranty on GRAS microphones, extensively test (HALT = Highly Accelerated Life Time testing - link to video)

    2.  GRAS microphones are repairable - even if you tear a diaphragm it can be replaced (excludes gross physical damage)

    3.  designed and manufactured to give you added peace of mind knowing that data quality and reliable performance is paramount

    4.  compatible will all data acquisition systems that supply an IEPE standard constant current power supply (2-20 mA range)

    5.  IP67: Totally protected against dust, protected against the effect of water of up to 1 m of submersion.

    6.  we aim to have all information accurate and current, please be aware that 'correct' specifications/details are as per GRAS website 

           (click on the product to view detailed specifications/information)

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