high performance data acquisition

Our supplier's data acquisition equipment and technology is recognised as some of the best in the world.

The capability, size, varied performance envelopes, customisability and flexibility of our data acquisitions systems gives you a strong range to consider for your data acquisition needs. ETMC Technologies has data acquisitions systems that range in size from compact portable units that pack a full performance punch through to very large channel scalable systems (thousands of channels of concurrently sampled data) that can be either main-frame based or a synchronised distributed network.

One of the key features of many of our units is their ability to be tailored to specific requirements by use of interchangeable signal conditioning/acquisition/processing modules optimised for specific data sources. This allows complete customisation of a system to be fully tuned without having to make compromises.

These data acquisition systems are designed be able to collect data with concurrent real-time processing (on-site or remotely) as well as storing the data for later review and analysis.


We supply data acquisition equipment from:

    CurtissWright - defence and aerospace,


    Prosig - sound and vibration, industrial + automotive and


    Safran Data Systems - aerospace, military, industrial + automotive.


    Sensonor - aerospace, military, industrial + automotive grade Gyros and IMUs.


Whatever your data acquisition needs, ETMC Technologies can assist you with:

    • clarifying and defining your needs,


    • acquisition system design,


    • component, product and solution selection,


    • supply, installation and implementation,


    • training, and


    • data analysis and data processing.

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