Emhiser Research Inc.

Emhiser has over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing Space, Airborne and Ground based telemetry products.  

Emhiser is a tested and reliable source for the Aerospace and Defense Industries.

The Emhiser Family consists of four companies producing world class and mission critical RF and Telemetry products:

Emhiser Research Inc. - designs and manufactures a complete line of airborne and ground based telemetry equipment.

Emhiser Research Ltd - a research and development company specializing in Gallium Nitride products.

Emhiser Tele-Tech - An engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in design, development, and production of radio frequency (RF) and Microwave signal processing products.

Emhiser Micro-Tech - A very unique, innovative, and rapidly growing company in the miniature voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) industry.

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