the solutions we offer - Acoustics

ETMC offers a strong range of components, equipment, instruments and software designed for acoustics measurement and analysis. We have solutions to suit everything from portable professional instruments (in effect hand-held acoustics laboratories!) through to equipment that can be use to outfit or complement acoustic laboratories and acoustic analysis facilities.

Our suppliers are Industry recognised and acknowledged experts in their fields with many years of experience meeting the needs and requirements of acoustic professionals and their clients.

Some of the acoustics solutions we have includes:

•  Acoustic Measurement - wide range of sound, noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) and refinement solutions, instruments and sources.

•  Building Acoustics - including specific tools and systems for measurement and analysis of sound propagation in/between rooms for compliance with building codes and standards .

•  Environmental Noise Monitoring - instrumentation solutions a light-weight, portable, semi-permanent construction site monitoring system or complete systems for airport noise monitoring.

•  Motorsport Noise - sound measurement solutions for racetracks, from single noise monitors to large multichannel monitoring solutions with sophisticated reporting system.

•  Calibration - solutions and equipment to develop and use an in-house calibration facility for headsets, telephone systems, speakers, public address systems, voice-communication equipment, hearing aids etc.

•  Underwater Acoustics - hydrophones and hydrophone calibration adapters for diverse application, everything from research grade instrumentation to array options and geodiscovery.

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