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exhibition:  RotorTech 2016

GRAS:  new low noise Ear Simulator and improved Pinna

exhibition:  Acoustics 2015

GRAS:  HALT testing!

Come and talk to us at RotorTech 2016, Sunshine Coast, 27-29 May 2016

See us at the Australian Helicopter Industry Association conference RotorTech 2016!

ETMC Technologies is proud to be exhibiting at RotorTech 2016.  This conference is organised by the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) and will be held at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort in the spectacular Sunshine Coast 27-29 May 2016.

We will be at Booth 47 and have equipment such CVR/FDR, Air Data Computers and other gear from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions on display.

Come and say hi to us or 'talk shop' about your crash recorder and other avionics needs.

We look forward to seeing you there!

NEW - ear simulators get more real!  GRAS launches low noise ear + Pinna

GRAS Sound & Vibration introduces

    •  Type 43BB - low noise ear simulator 

    •  KB5000/KB5001 - improved response pinna

What does this mean for people involved in hearing related research?

    • improve low noise testing (below threshold of human hearing) - measure what you can hear! 

    • improve reproducibility - though better fit, placement and seal with new Pinna

    • fully backwards compatible with KEMAR and GRAS ear simulator mounting kits 

    • standards compliant

For earphones, headphones and hearing aids - use: research, develop & product test

Click here for more details about next generation Headphone Testing

Come and talk to us at Acoustics 2015, Hunter Valley, 15-18 Nov 2015

Come and see us at the Australian Acoustics Society Conference!

ETMC Technologies is proud to be exhibiting at Acoustics 2015.  This conference is organised by the NSW Division of the Australian Acoustical Society and will be held at the Cypress Lakes Resort in the spectacular Hunter Valley.

We are at Booth 18 and will have equipment from GRAS Sound & Vibration, Norsonic, Prosig, Innalabs and Zodiac Data Systems on show.

Come and say hi to us or 'talk shop' about microphones and data capture + signal processing.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to visit the Acoustics 2015 website.

GRAS - HALT testing . . . added peace of mind for microphone users!

Do you depend on the quality of your measurement data?

. . . if you do, you may be interested in learning about how GRAS design and build your daily work into every GRAS microphone.

GRAS know that a measurement microphone is a precision instrument, and that it has to be used in real life situations.  No matter how careful you try to be with your microphones, there are bound to be times when they are knocked, dropped or generally subjected to harsh treatment.

GRAS make the world’s best measurement microphones and they can only make that claim by ensuring that the microphones are subjected to the most rigorous tests possible before GRAS will put their name on them!

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is a development tool to fully test what GRAS microphones can withstand. Why not watch a short video to see how GRAS ensures the highest possible signal quality, stability and robustness? 

Or receive a test report that explains microphone HALT testing procedures and documents the results.

Click here to see the video and to receive the test report.

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