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Mono-axial seismic accelerometers

Down hole seismic sonde

Sonde  (IEPE)


Diameter:  76mm

Length:  300mm

Temp range:  -50°C to 125°C

Frequency response:  4Hz to 400 Hz

Voltage Sensitivity:  10V/g

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The sonde contains three A1800 voltage accelerometers each containing integral electronics to work at temperatures of 125 ̊C. The sensors are configured on three orthogonal axis.

Advantages of Seismic Sondes built by DJB Instruments are:

• Can be deployed in a reasonably deviated well

• Can be deployed to a depth of up to 400m using a standard 100m dia. cased well

• Does not require clamping mechanism as it rests at the bottom

• Large accelerometers and low noise amplifiers; - Gives very high output

        - Able to detect small signals

        - No deterioration of signal quality over time

• Able to remove from a borehole very easily for deploying elsewhere

• 76mm diameter allows cost-effective small diameter boreholes

• The selected accelerometer has large bandwidth compared to other seismic sensors such as geophones or seismometers. This facilitates additional analytical treatment such as source parameters etc.

• No spurious response within the bandwidth of interest

• Down-hole amplifiers to improve signal to noise ratio

• Can be operated using car batteries and therefore used in remote places

• Low power consumption and therefore the batteries can last for a long time

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