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ultra high temperature accelerometers - water cooled

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For ultra high temperature usage on surfaces up to 900°C. 

Developed as solutions for Vibration Measurements on exhaust pipes or engine turbo collectors, these accelerometers have since found uses in many other high temperature test applications.  

Mono-axial versions can also be supplied on request, with axis selection to suit customer application.  

Water flow is via two titanium pipes and it is recommended that the flow rate of 0.5 litres/min is maintained permanently when in use at high temperature.  Failure to do so could lead to injury and damage to the unit.  It is recommended at the highest temperatures that a constant supply of chilled cooling water should be used.  

The A/133 and A/33 consists of 3 mono axial voltage accelerometers mounted into an anodised aluminium block. This allows the advantage of single axis repair if required.  

Accessories: Silicone tubing, General purpose 12V pump


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