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telemetry transmitters, receivers & amplifiers 

ETMC Technologies can assist you with telemetry related capability, which includes equipment that is widely used in the air and on the ground.  This includes:


        •  transmitters


        •  receivers


        • amplifiers


        • tracking antennas


        • decommutation and signal processing


        • high rate recording of the raw IF signal for replay/analysis


        • adaptive equalisation to improve multipath affected signals


        and a whole lot more!



The equipment we supply has been used as OEM fitment on literllay hundreds of platforms (including rockets and missiles, space applications, civil and military equipment).


For example we can assist you with an end-to-end solution that can include airborne data capture, telemetry transmistters, tracking antenna, receivers, decommutaors and 


Speak with us to discover how ETMC Technologies is able to assist you with your telemetry needs.

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